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3D Animation Video

3D Animation videos gives a more interactive, fascinating, and satisfying visual experience to your potential clients.

What is a 3D Animation Video

What is a 3D animated video and why should you choose one Description: 3D Animation videos are a true visual wonder! It is a powerful combination of animation and 3D models that lest you create and manipulate shapes. Just it any 2D animation against a 3D animation, and our videos will come out ahead in flexibility due to sheer glossy looks it offers.
Your existing videos can greatly benefit from a 3D approach, whether it’s rendered entirely in 3D, or uses a hybrid approach to mix 2D or 3D animation or live-action. 3D video elements allow you to move the camera around to create effects that would be almost impossible to accomplish with the conventional animation. Whether you eat to showcase a car turning or a delicious plate of food, it truly brings it life.If you feel that story is impossible to tell in a flat medium and more visual depth is needed for your product or message, 3D animation paves the way forward for you.

Why use a 3D animation video

Amplify your message with visual wonder
3D animation gives you a tremendous amount of flexibility to create a visual world where you define the rules in the context of your message. It maintains a sense of perspective that is unhindered by the limitation of flatter animation styles.3D Animation gives you complete control over every element, which means that you can easily tell stories that prominently feature objects or characters. Show your stories: however you want, in whatever setting you want.

Turnaround time

How long does it take to produce an animation video
How long does it take to produce an animation video Description: Our standard timeline ideally falls anywhere between 4-6 weeks. As we integrate your feedback and changes to create the perfection you want, a little longer time frame is advisable. Your animation video will be handcrafted exactly for your needs. The need for extreme customization on style frames, animation styles, and scriptwriting can make the creative process a little extensive- and that’s a good thing! Need it a little faster: Get in touch so that together we can create a timeframe that works for both of us.


How much does an animated video cost?
Several elements can drive prices, such as the cost of production value, rounds of revision, the total amount of video needed, and your timeline. All our animated video budgets begin at $3k, which will enable you to connect with an amazing team of thinkers, animators, scriptwriters, project managers, and brand researchers. You’ll likely find that the prices vary greatly from company to company. Our advice to you is to do your homework and find a team that can fit your brand like a gel while delivering on its promises of quality, budget, and timeline.

Why choose us?

Discover what sets us apart from other animation productions
    Working with different technologies to create high-end 3D animations can be quite challenging. We have managed to overcome the challenge by leveraging the latest techniques and state-of-the-art technologies to get ahead of its competition.


    CRFT Video takes full advantage of communications technology to advance its projects with effective human-to-human connection. Project progression is documented on online platforms like Slack and communicated as needed.


    3D animated videos are created for a variety of applications such as AR, VR, games, etc. The full spectrum of CRFT Video’s 3D animation services is customizable to fit the specific requirements of each application: Platform adaptability won’t be on your list of concerns anymore.

Quick Examples

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Guaranteed results

An 3D Animation video that uses a careful manipulation of 3D models or objects to generate a digital environment that is unique for each brand. Now, you can easily improve your PPC campaigns to drive results. With CRFT’s help, you can now ensure the best return on each penny of your investment.


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