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Animated Video

Use the power of animation to promote your product or services through visually appealing graphics

What is an Animated Video?

What is an animated video and how you should choose one
What is an animated video and how you should choose one Description: Animated videos are considered to be one of the most versatile media type available today. We believe that an animated video is a must for any marketer’s toolkit. Animated videos allow you to control every aspect of what’s on your screen. Enjoy total control over how you want your video to look and feel w.r.t the scenery, character design, colors, timings, transitions, soundtrack, and more. Its greatest benefit? Unlike other videos, you can tweak and reuse to keep it evergreen!

Why use an Animated Video

Discover how animated videos can help your brand
Our video services use powerful motion, illustrations, video, and audio to explain a product or services to keep your audience hooked to your business.
  • Increase Awareness
    Get shareable pieces of content that drive product and brand awareness.
  • Improves SEO 
    Boost your SEO Rankings, pages by getting videos that rank better.
  • Educate Audience
    Display your message properly through visual impact that educates your audience.

Turnaround time

How long does it take to produce an animation video
How long does it take to produce an animation video Description: Our standard timeline ideally falls anywhere between 4-6 weeks. As we integrate your feedback and changes to create the perfection you want, a little longer time frame is advisable. Your animation video will be handcrafted exactly for your needs. The need for extreme customization on style frames, animation styles, and scriptwriting can make the creative process a little extensive- and that’s a good thing! Need it a little faster: Get in touch so that together we can create a timeframe that works for both of us.

Honest costs

How much does an animated video cost?
Several elements can drive prices, such as the cost of production value, rounds of revision, the total amount of video needed, and your timeline. All our animated video budgets begin at $3k, which will enable you to connect with an amazing team of thinkers, animators, scriptwriters, project managers, and brand researchers. You’ll likely find that the prices vary greatly from company to company. Our advice to you is to do your homework and find a team that can fit your brand like a gel while delivering on its promises of quality, budget, and timeline.

Quick Examples

Check out some of our best animated videos made for leading and reputed brands.

Achieve much more than simple brand recognition.

Guaranteed results

Generally, the most effective animations are backed by a well thought out content strategy and distribution plan. CRFT’s helps you achieve all your objectives while guaranteeing the best return on your hard-earned money.


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