Discover what makes us special

We have developed a process that ensures a timely delivery within your budget. You will love our collaborative approach that allows you to get involved at every of our production process. We have a creative and unique video production process, and you will discover it first hand.

Quick Turnaround

Enjoy one of the best turnaround time in the industry and that too, without compromising on the quality. Your videos will come up in weeks.

Fully Customizable

We provide you with each source file that is fully editable so your in house team can make changes on the go.

Fast Replies

Communication is the key to achieve great things. We combine it with transparent and fast responses to keep your hooked like your customers.

Discovery & Briefing

We’ll ask you first to fill out some info about your company and product. Then, we’ll set up an online meeting to get to know your brand and specific needs for the video. Our focus here is to lock down the message, script and visual direction.


This is where an idea is formed, and the foundation of your video is set. We find the perfect creative approach to meeting your objective and solving your problems. The script then serves as the actual narration of your story, allowing you to read the wording that will inspire your audience to listen, interpret and take action.

Storyboard & Illustrations

We craft the storyboard that will showcase the main actions that will take place in the video. You get to review storyboards, style frames, and design boards first, giving you the full picture before we bring the scenes to life to help you visualize the characters, icons, and environments that populate every scene.


The voiceover is the driving force behind your video, so you need a professional, with the right accent and tone to deliver your message. We get the best in the business to audition, filter any off-brand vocal talent, and then work with you until you shout “this is us!”

Animation Music & SFX

This is where you will see all the work and planning from the earlier transformed into beautiful, moving animation with captivating design, bringing the story alive.


That’s it; your video is complete! We’ll deliver it to you as an HD video file ready for use on the web or TV if that’s the plan. If you need graphics from the video, subtitles or help to figure out how to host it, where to place it, or how to market it, we’re happy to help!