Tutorial Video

Use animation and motion graphics to teach more effectively

What is a tutorial video?

Tutorial videos – also called How-to-Videos – revolved around a process, and how to accomplish it following a step-by-step format. Tutorial videos are instructional videos that walk viewers through the proper way to use your product or service. For a website or mobile app, this usually involves a screencast and step-by-step directions on how to perform certain functions within your user interface (UI). For a physical product, this may include some live action shots of your product’s features and a visual guide to making them work. The goal of these type of videos is to show how your product looks like and how it actually works so people can get excited and take the next step into making the final purchase.

When and how should I use tutorial videos?

Tutorial videos can be placed on your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page in order to catch customers who are already encountering certain issues. They can also be included in your email responses to customers, in-app for new users after signing up, or even as a QR code on the side of a product box. Often times, people create tutorial videos in response to getting a lot of the same questions or issues from users.

Why use tutorial videos?

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Shows the product

Videos are the best way to simply explain your product our service using animations.

Educate customers

Video is a great tool for demonstrating how to use your product or service—and convey more information quicker than a written description.

Attract new customers

It’s key to have an explanatory video if your service or product is particularly innovative or simply requires an explanation for a new customer to understand it.

Quick Examples

Here are some of the tutorial videos we’ve made for some amazing brands.